My sonnet with 14 lines of iambic pentameter:

This Football Team is Getting On My Nerves!

The ball just won’t go in the goal, it won’t!

I peer from here behind the screen, can’t look!

A pass, a cross, a chance, a shot… a save!

No matter what, we can’t get past that line!

All that work and in the end, a loss!

I guess there is a lesson to be learnt!

We go again next week, do not lose hope!

Next week has come, and here we go again!

I jump, I shout, I cheer, I scream… I cry!

Another shot has flown into the sky!

Remote control goes flying through the air!

Emotion rollercoaster, had enough!

I take it back, the actual lesson here:

Try twice and don’t succeed then give it up!


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